nVidia 1070 Ti Compatibility

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    Since 1070 Ti is coming with the relatively good price, performance and TDP, I guess there will be a number of people who consider this option as well, especially since the is roughly 2 months to go before the cases will be shipped,

    Is 1070 Ti design by any chance the same as other boards? could you say that you will need a new design for that, or will some of the existing ones fit?





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    fanlessmaster Administrator Nov 06, 2017 11:42

    We updated the « compatibility » section with new 1070 Ti references.

    So far, we are already compatible with these new models as their PCB are the same than existing models.

    This concerns Nvidia (GC NSG 001), MSI (GC NSG 011) and Palit (GC NSG 009) for now.

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