Maybe small update? Even to say hello ? + Last normal questions on page 52/53

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    Stupid spam bots.

    I think (like all other backers) its time to make update. Even to prove that some parts already waiting for other hardware elements. How;s going in new china factory? Now its no rush because pc hardware price suck really hard. Cant image that now for 64 gb ram i need pay 200 euro extra :/

    + Now for that delay you should send extra picture with signatures 😉

    This starts to be really shady and I'm really near to call my credit card company and dispute my order. The communication is really bad and now the estimated date is in April 2018. I’ve tried to contact their support and sales for about a month because I’m moving to the new house and I would like to update my shipping address. First I only got out of office emails without end dates as an answer and now I don't get any answers. Ridiculously bad support for a product that costs approximately 600 euros.

    @rantakemisti an official communication will be done shortly to all our backers to update about the project

    @fanlessmaster. Thank you for your reply. I hope you could answer my emails as well. I sent the first email 18th of December, second in 23rd of December, the third one in 8th of January and the last one in 30th of January. I think that's a very long time to wait for an answer to a simple request to update the shipping address.

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    haw to agree on that it seems a bit dark since no updates. no news about what happend about CES and none cleaning of the spam in the forums. and in general teh company hawent done any updates to website, twitter or FB since november. its okay for me if i get it in 6 months i just wanna know so i can plan. i got rid of my old rig in november and got all the parts in december for the new one. just wanna know if its 6-12 months then il watercool it while i wait.

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    You are lucky if they didn’t scrap the project and just left us hanging… No update for so long isn’t a good sign. At all.

    I just found out about this case and it seems to be the dream. Hopefully the company will give some sort of update. Even an update that basically tells the customers that we are working and have nothing significant to report is a better way of communicating than to remain silent.

    @wigner_ville a communication is being prepared to update our backers about the status.

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