CAD model of NSG S0

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    As probably many others, I plan on customizing my NSG S0. That involves foiled appliances, as well as CAM-manufactured and 3d-printed parts.

    Currently, the only way to do it will be to wait for the case, then measure it myself and model accordingly. However, I wonder if Calyos might be so kind and provide a CAD-model of the outer shape and options (I understand the internals are corporate secret), once the design is final, so makers can design parts and even test their design using renders with a higher degree of accuracy.


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    fanlessmaster Administrator Nov 06, 2017 11:20

    As soon as the production will start again, we plan to post CAD-model of the NSG on

    A new topic will be created with all material needed for people who want to customize their chassis.

    I have posted this question prior to registering.

    So yes, thank you. The prospect of being able to get CAD plans is enough for me at the moment.

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