June 14th - Project's update

Dear Backers,

After several weeks without update, we are back to you with a detailed status on the projects’ progress.

The product:

We previously mentioned the necessity to review the product’s design and supply chain to ensure a sufficient quality and achieve the targeted price. The situation is actually more complex than expected and we want to be transparent with you.

Indeed, Calyos team is currently redesigning the evaporator to ensure a good vaporization and capillary pumping performance that was not achieved with the previous design involving a limited thermal capacity (see chart). Future version of the NSG-S0 will indeed be more performant!

In parallel, our team is also optimizing industrial processes to manufacture the evaporator at a lower cost.  Also, our new evaporator will have a complete different shape (see below) offering the possibility to manufacture it with traditional welding processes instead of current electron beam welding which will significantly lower the costs.


As you can guess, this unexpected design review has a strong impact on the project’s milestones but we still forecast first deliveries to be done by the end of September. Prior to this delivery, you will all be contacted to update your shipping address and component reference. Note that new compatibility list will be defined according to the most popular references requested.


Finally, we take the opportunity of this update to answer some of the most recurring comments we receive.

  • Forum: The forum page on our fanlessfan website is no longer available independently of our action due to recurrent spams. Note that Calyos never deleted or hide comment (even blaming ones) and we will fix the problem.
  • Communication: As a B to B company, Calyos has no dedicated resources for community management and we are not capable to answer direct messages. Communications will be done by Calyos through existing channels (Kickstarter & Fanlessfan)
  • Is Calyos still alive? YES WE ARE! 2018 is going to be a promising year for the company with a significant revenue increase (Turnover from 100K€ in 2016 to 600K€ in 2017 and more to come in 2018) and a strong support from our shareholders.

We wish you all a great day.


Calyos team

March 22nd 2018 - Project update

Dear backer,

Short news: after having been lost in the Bellagio’s storage, our first operating sample is back from Las Vegas and works well.

Regarding sourcing and qualification progress, the delivery date is still expected to be September 2018. Work goes well.

We apologies for this very laconic news but industrial processes are relatively slow especially for such innovative product. This is not a software business …

Anyway, we’ll keep you informed.

Please note that future communications and updates will be done mainly through this page.

We wish you all a good day.

Calyos team


02/07: NSG-S0 - Project's status

Dear backer,

It has now been a too long time that we did not update you on the NSG-S0 project’s status and we would like to apologize for it.

As a brief summary of the project’s status:

  • New ETA is September 2018
  • Existing orders will be delivered without any price increase
  • For new orders, price will increase to $999

For more detailed information:

CES 2018 was supposed to be an important time for the NSG-S0 and allow you to finally get the chance to see it operating and being benchmarked but destiny decided another way despite being delivered in December 2017 (picture below). Indeed, our poor NSG-S0 spent its CES 2018 time lost in the Bellagio’s storage instead of being displayed in Seasonic suite and do a series of meetings with market experts for public releases!

After several weeks looking for the NSG-S0 box, Bellagio’s staff finally found it and returned it to our logistic partner who was desperate about the situation. Anyway, our first operating sample is now back home!

Concerning the delivery of the NSG-S0, our operation department is still sourcing suppliers to achieve the best price matching our quality requirements. This is extremely time consuming due to qualification processes and suppliers’ location far from our Europe based office.

Be sure that independently of the final suppliers’ selection, there will be not impact for existing orders. However, we will unfortunately have to increase prices for new orders to balance our project’s cost and new price on our E-Shop will be $999.

In terms of delivery date, we recently mentioned April 2018 and have to be transparent that this won’t be realistic according to remaining work to be done. So, we plan now to deliver you in September 2018 and we will confirm it to you on the way.

Aware that communication with you has recently been missing, we inform you that updates will be provided to you regularly via direct emails, Kickstarter page and Fanlessfan website.

Have a great day.

Calyos team

12/11: Processes, Production and Exhibitions


Cooling process qualification:  

Since we received samples of our new cooler block, a part of the team worked on different processes like cooler block welding and loop filling. Indeed, because this cooler block is a new product we developed for this campaign, we work on the best way to ensure our cooling durability by guaranteeing no leak and no maintenance in the future. Here a picture of the (huge) machine we use for the blocks welding.

We use a new under vacuum welding technology that requires necessary adjustments to guarantee a perfectly sealed system. We successfully achieved this process and so validated the cooler block design, which is an important step for the product, as you can imagine.

Here picture and video taken during the welding process.

Graphic cards cooling:  

Some of you are directly in touch with the team as you thankfully help us by sending your own graphic card in order to help us to design PCBs and spreaders. Thanks to your help and thanks to some brands and journalists, we already designed 50% of PCBs from our “compatible list” available online.

Here is the first complete graphic card cooling based on a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Armor OC (showcased at Paris Games Week, France):

We also updated this “compatible list” with new GTX 1070 Ti references – Nvidia, MSI and Palit for now. We will check as soon as possible other references and the new Titan Volta.

Production status:

While we are working on all processes and graphic cards cooling, the production team still works on pricing negotiation with manufacturers. This step is the longer one as we have to get the best quality at the best price and also validate some hand-made samples in order to launch the all production.

Backing or Buying?  

We know some of you are worry regarding the shipment delay and we understand your point.

By backing a Kickstarter campaign, you financed a development project. That may imply unexpected events like we had with our product design (new cooler block compatible TR4) and the production (quality issues).

This is the bad point of a Kickstarter campaign: as a backer, you are directly impacted by all these negative aspects you normally don’t know when you simply buy an achieved product online. In the same time, backing a project has some advantages: the most important is to get an innovative and exclusive product before regular customers.

Be assured that Calyos will refund all pledges in case of abandon. Which is clearly not a hypothesis at this time. Issues can take time to be solved but are never insurmountable.


As you already know, we showcased a non-functional NSG S0 at Paris Games Week few weeks ago on Materiel.net booth in partnership with MSI France and SeaSonic.

We are now assembling a functional NSG S0 for CES based on the same sample showcased at Paris. These next days will be essential and we will come back to you as soon as our sample will be fully assembled. As you can imagine, it will be a big step to bench the NSG S0 during this huge event and we can’t wait to announce official bench results.

Thank you very much for your patience and your nice messages sent by email these past weeks.

We wish you all a very nice day.


11/15: NSG S0 showcased at Paris Games Week


NSG S0 was showcased at Paris Games Week on Materiel.net booth in partnership with Watermod, MSI France and SeaSonic.

11/06: Production status

First of all, we want to apologize for not updating you this last month. Indeed, we had to deal with some issues and we wanted to solve problems first before to give you some news.

What happened?  

Since our last news, we validated the final design and developed toolings for the production. We launched first units to validate the production process. We received new units at Calyos and realized the quality was far away from what expected, as you can see below.

scratch on the chassis
twisted radiator fins
fins hole deburring missing
hole not requested for the mouting and bad threading

In order to deliver a high end chassis, we had to quickly react and find others manufacturers. Fortunately, these past weeks, we found new partners very promising who will help us to continue the production – and the project. Indeed, the point was also to confirm we could continue NSG S0 production. As said, it was very complicated and stressful weeks for the team.

Now, we are working on prices negotiation and also new toolings for these new partners. In the same time, we launched in production flexibles (tubing), front panel and riser. These parts will arrive at Calyos in 4 weeks, as initially planned.

What are the consequences?  

As you can imagine, we lost time this last month in order to solve this quality issue (around 1 month). Now, we have to develop new toolings for these new partners and this requires design and work, which implies one more month of delay.

What about shipment?  

At this time, we are waiting for feedback from new manufacturers. It is too early to announce a new shipment date and we don’t want to promise something which could be false in a couple of weeks. What we can promise is we are doing our best to ship as fast as possible your chassis. As soon as we have news from these new partners, we will keep you in touch.

We know this is a strong hit for all of you, and we are sorry for this. Considering all troubles we dealed with these last weeks, we are relieved this project can still continue. It’s always hard to announce bad news and we hope you will understand why we delayed the shipment.

What about graphic cards?  

As some of you could upgrade their components with new Nvidia releases, we will update the list of compatible graphic cards and backers/customers who need to upgrade their card will be able to update us by email at fanless@calyos-tm.com

What is planned these next weeks?  

Calyos and Watermod will showcase the NSG S0 at Paris Games Week this week, on Materiel.net booth, in partnership with MSI france and SeaSonic. This will be the same version of the chassis you will receive. We will post pictures on our Facebook page and in the “news” section on fanlessfan.com

We also plan to bench the NSG S0 in the upcoming weeks. The idea is to show you regular benchs with components, as we received some units of our new cooler block. You can let us know by comments if you prefer a video live or not. We will let you know quickly which components we will test but don’t hesitate if you have any suggestion.

What about options?  

Many of you are waiting for options getting available online (closed version or XL option). Options are ready since a couple of weeks. Regarding events of these past weeks, we decided to not launch options online as we wanted to be sure everything will be fine with the production. It should be available in the upcoming weeks, now.

Once again, we are deeply sorry for this bad news and we want to thank you in advance for your kind understanding.


09/14: TDP announcement

We want to share with you our firsts thermal tests results made on the sample we received two weeks ago.

These tests were made on Calyos test bench table in order to validate maximum TDP allow by the two radiators.

We didn’t test the loops on components as we are waiting for the new cooler blocks. These tests will be probably done by journalists with different configurations.

Maximum Fanless TDP is 180W for CPU and 250W for GPU.

Performance is a slightly better than expected when we started Kickstarter campaign 6 months ago. Good news!

That means we will be able to cool passively new VEGA 56 cards.

For those who want to mount a VEGA 64 (or a Frontier Edition) or the latest Kingpin 1080ti, they may need to add fans in the dedicated slot under the radiator. We will test them soon !

We invite you to check the specification sheet from manufacturer if you want to mount a card which is not in the « compatibility list » on www.fanlessfan.com

09/04: First sample review at Calyos

We would like to share with you some pictures of the NSG S0 taken in Shenzhen by our designers, Clément and Quentin. The main goal of this trip is to validate the final design and the assembly of samples produced by our manufacturer. If needed, some details will be corrected and then, golden samples will be produced.

Handmade NSG S0 samples:

NSG S0 front panel:

NSG S0 GPU radiator:

NSG S0 CPU radiator:

Sheet metal for NSG S0:

In the same time, we received one of these samples here at Calyos in order to make thermal tests. The team first welded the flexibles to the radiators (hand welding on the left, orbital welding on the right).

Then, we assembled the chassis and mounted eletronics.
Here the final sample reviewed by Calyos and Watermod:

Chassis assembled without electronics and cooler blocks:

PSU, fan and cable management:

How flexible are the tubes?

For this picture, we used a graphic card from another Calyos fanless PC, but you won’t need heatsink in addition to the cooling with your NSG S0.
As soon as results of thermal tests will be known, we will update you.We also want to remind you that deadline for your graphic card choice is coming. We will need to know which card you will first mount in your NSG S0 before September, 25th in order to receive the good fixture. Customers from fanlessfan eshop are invited to check the list of compatible graphic cards to make their choice.
If any question, you can contact us directly via Kickstarter inbox or via ewo@calyos-tm.com.We wish you all a very nice week.

Calyos team

08/24: New CPU cooler design

Discover the final design of our new CPU cooler block that can now cool Threadripper from AMD (TR4).

08/23: Production status

Because the team has to work on the new design of our CPU cooler in order to support the new Threadripper from AMD, orders taken in July will be delivered a little bit later than planned – in December and not November.

We are sorry about this delay and we hope you will understand our decision to move the shipments. For us, it is important to deliver you a sustainable product that can support all the latest innovations. Thanks to this new design, NSG S0 will be compatible with all chipsets available on the market, including next Intel generation.

Calyos team thanks all of you for your support and your patience!

08/10: FAQ section (update)

We updated the FAQ section with the list of countries we ship to at this time. If your country is not in that list, feel free to contact us via fanless@calyos-tm.com

All shipping will be done via UPS.

08/08: Graphic cards compatibility (update)

We updated the “compatibility” section with the full list of compatible graphic cards. This document will be updated time to time and doesn’t include new or next graphic cards we didn’t tested so far (new AMD Vega, next Nvidia generation, new MSI 1080 Ti Lightning, etc.).

Pay attention of compatible cards as you will need a special fixture to ensure the compatibility between the card and the cooling. This fixture depends on the card you will mount in your NSG S0. That’s why you need to assemble a compatible card.

For people who will order their NSG S0 before October, you will receive an email end of September asking for the card you will first mount in your chassis. Then, you will receive the first fixture for free. Next fixtures will be available online then.

08/04: Production is on its way!

We visited one of our manufacturers in Shenzhen and who is working on the primary parts of NSG S0. Here some pictures of the samples.

07/05: Power supplies (update)

We updated the “compatibility” section with a “power supplies” topic focused on SeaSonic fanless products. Tested and approved by Calyos!

06/29: Front panel final design

Final design of the front panel has been validated. You will find below the list of ports available:

– USB-C slot

– SD slot

– Audio + Micro slots

– HDMI slot

– 1x USB 3.0 slot

– 2x USB 3.1 slots

– Power led + power

06/20: Chispets compatibility (update)

After a first study of the new TR4 from AMD, we are pleased to announce NSG S0 will support Threadripper. We are now waiting for more information about forum factor of new i9 from Intel to confirm NSG S0 will be compatible. But regarding few pictures unveiled online, it seems everything should be fine with this new 2066 chipset.

“Compatibility” section has been updated.

06/12: Computex 2017

Calyos team was at Computex, Taipei and showcased the first mockup of the NSG S0 on SeaSonic booth.

You can have a look at Linus Tech Tips video and also read articles written by Tom’s Hardware and TechPowerUp.

We also met the French team of Cowcotland there and we want to thank them for their big support!




05/29: Welcome on fanlessfan.com

This website has been created for people who missed our Kickstarter campaign and want to buy their first NSG S0 but also for our backers who helped us to make our first prototype a real product and want now to follow the progress of this project.

On this website, you will find a full presentation of our NSG S0 as it has been introduced on our Kickstarter page. We also created a special section for next options which are under development (SLI, cover version, etc.). A dedicated page with compatible processors and graphic cards is frequently updated with new references. Finally, a forum is now opened and we encourage you to use it when you have a question as the answers can be shared to everybody.

You can also contact us if you have a question or a suggestion via fanless@calyos-tm.com