09/14: TDP announcement

We want to share with you our firsts thermal tests results made on the sample we received two weeks ago.

These tests were made on Calyos test bench table in order to validate maximum TDP allow by the two radiators.

We didn’t test the loops on components as we are waiting for the new cooler blocks. These tests will be probably done by journalists with different configurations.

Maximum Fanless TDP is 180W for CPU and 250W for GPU.

Performance is a slightly better than expected when we started Kickstarter campaign 6 months ago. Good news!

That means we will be able to cool passively new VEGA 56 cards.

For those who want to mount a VEGA 64 (or a Frontier Edition) or the latest Kingpin 1080ti, they may need to add fans in the dedicated slot under the radiator. We will test them soon !

We invite you to check the specification sheet from manufacturer if you want to mount a card which is not in the « compatibility list » on www.fanlessfan.com

09/04: First sample review at Calyos

We would like to share with you some pictures of the NSG S0 taken in Shenzhen by our designers, Clément and Quentin. The main goal of this trip is to validate the final design and the assembly of samples produced by our manufacturer. If needed, some details will be corrected and then, golden samples will be produced.

Handmade NSG S0 samples:

NSG S0 front panel:

NSG S0 GPU radiator:

NSG S0 CPU radiator:

Sheet metal for NSG S0:

In the same time, we received one of these samples here at Calyos in order to make thermal tests. The team first welded the flexibles to the radiators (hand welding on the left, orbital welding on the right).

Then, we assembled the chassis and mounted eletronics.
Here the final sample reviewed by Calyos and Watermod:

Chassis assembled without electronics and cooler blocks:

PSU, fan and cable management:

How flexible are the tubes?

For this picture, we used a graphic card from another Calyos fanless PC, but you won’t need heatsink in addition to the cooling with your NSG S0.
As soon as results of thermal tests will be known, we will update you.We also want to remind you that deadline for your graphic card choice is coming. We will need to know which card you will first mount in your NSG S0 before September, 25th in order to receive the good fixture. Customers from fanlessfan eshop are invited to check the list of compatible graphic cards to make their choice.
If any question, you can contact us directly via Kickstarter inbox or via ewo@calyos-tm.com.

We wish you all a very nice week.

Calyos team

08/24: New CPU cooler design

Discover the final design of our new CPU cooler block that can now cool Threadripper from AMD (TR4).

08/23: Production status

Because the team has to work on the new design of our CPU cooler in order to support the new Threadripper from AMD, orders taken in July will be delivered a little bit later than planned – in December and not November.

We are sorry about this delay and we hope you will understand our decision to move the shipments. For us, it is important to deliver you a sustainable product that can support all the latest innovations. Thanks to this new design, NSG S0 will be compatible with all chipsets available on the market, including next Intel generation.

Calyos team thanks all of you for your support and your patience!

08/10: FAQ section (update)

We updated the FAQ section with the list of countries we ship to at this time. If your country is not in that list, feel free to contact us via fanless@calyos-tm.com

All shipping will be done via UPS.

08/08: Graphic cards compatibility (update)

We updated the “compatibility” section with the full list of compatible graphic cards. This document will be updated time to time and doesn’t include new or next graphic cards we didn’t tested so far (new AMD Vega, next Nvidia generation, new MSI 1080 Ti Lightning, etc.).

Pay attention of compatible cards as you will need a special fixture to ensure the compatibility between the card and the cooling. This fixture depends on the card you will mount in your NSG S0. That’s why you need to assemble a compatible card.

For people who will order their NSG S0 before October, you will receive an email end of September asking for the card you will first mount in your chassis. Then, you will receive the first fixture for free. Next fixtures will be available online then.

08/04: Production is on its way!

We visited one of our manufacturers in Shenzhen and who is working on the primary parts of NSG S0. Here some pictures of the samples.

07/05: Power supplies (update)

We updated the “compatibility” section with a “power supplies” topic focused on SeaSonic fanless products. Tested and approved by Calyos!

06/29: Front panel final design

Final design of the front panel has been validated. You will find below the list of ports available:

– USB-C slot

– SD slot

– Audio + Micro slots

– HDMI slot

– 1x USB 3.0 slot

– 2x USB 3.1 slots

– Power led + power

06/20: Chispets compatibility (update)

After a first study of the new TR4 from AMD, we are pleased to announce NSG S0 will support Threadripper. We are now waiting for more information about forum factor of new i9 from Intel to confirm NSG S0 will be compatible. But regarding few pictures unveiled online, it seems everything should be fine with this new 2066 chipset.

“Compatibility” section has been updated.

06/12: Computex 2017

Calyos team was at Computex, Taipei and showcased the first mockup of the NSG S0 on SeaSonic booth.

You can have a look at Linus Tech Tips video and also read articles written by Tom’s Hardware and TechPowerUp.

We also met the French team of Cowcotland there and we want to thank them for their big support!




05/29: Welcome on fanlessfan.com

This website has been created for people who missed our Kickstarter campaign and want to buy their first NSG S0 but also for our backers who helped us to make our first prototype a real product and want now to follow the progress of this project.

On this website, you will find a full presentation of our NSG S0 as it has been introduced on our Kickstarter page. We also created a special section for next options which are under development (SLI, cover version, etc.). A dedicated page with compatible processors and graphic cards is frequently updated with new references. Finally, a forum is now opened and we encourage you to use it when you have a question as the answers can be shared to everybody.

You can also contact us if you have a question or a suggestion via fanless@calyos-tm.com