• Why a crowdfunding campaign?

    As a cooling expert, Calyos never intended to sell PCs to final customers and was mainly concentrated on cooling solutions for Data Center markets with experts as Intel, HP or Microsoft. Since we showcased our first fanless workstation, we received thousands of emails asking where and when it will be possible to buy a Calyos Fanless PC. The company is already working with market experts to offer fanless solutions to customers. But traditional distribution channels take much more time to be set up. That’s why we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign which is the best solution to market a product rapidly without changing our positioning. This campaign should also help our partners confirm the market potential for high performing fanless products and motivate them to add fanless solutions in their product portfolio. As a backer, making this campaign a success will help us change the consumer market and also open a window on a new way to cool down computers. At the same time, you will be the very first users of a high performing fanless PC.

  • When do I get my NSG S0?

    [EDIT] As we wanted to be compatible TR4 (Threadripper), we needed to design a new cooler block for the CPU. We hope this delay in the production won't be too long and, as soon as we know the new delivery date, we will update this section. [/EDIT] As soon as the campaign is successful, we will start manufacturing. As Calyos is already producing for B2B companies, it will be fast. Super early birds will get their NSG S0 in August. Late birds and electronics package will arrive in September.. New orders via Celeryshop will be delivered in November and December.

  • Where do you ship the NSG S0?

    Here the list of countries available for the NSG S0: - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Faroe Islands - Fiji - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Greenland - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Korea, Republic of - Latvia - Luthania - Luxembourg - Malaysia - Malta - Morocco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Qatar - Romania - Saudi Arabia - Singapore - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - United States If your country doesn't appear in this list, feel free to contact us. Because of local import laws, we won't be able to send to China and Russia. All NSG S0 will be shipped from our office in Belgium.

  • How often will I be updated on the progress on NSG S0?

    We will inform you whenever necessary! This means there won’t be too much information but only useful information. We will tell you when the parts are ordered and when the assembly, the thermal qualification and, of course, the delivery take place.

  • What do I get when buying a NSG S0?

    You get everything necessary to assemble your NSG S0. We will provide you with casing, cooling, thermal grease, screws, glass window, PC riser, etc…

  • What is wheight of NSG S0?

    NSG S0 weight a total of 22kg with glass.

  • What is the NSG S0 dimensions?

    NSG S0 is 537mm x 495mm x 276mm.

  • Does it really make no noise?

    NSG S0 is equipped with fanless phase change technology. This means there is no moving parts. Cooling and casing won’t make any noise. But depending on your electronics options, you may hear coil whine or HDD working.

  • Can I choose the color?

    During this kickstarter campaign it will not be possible to choose a color. But NSG S0 is fully customized and we look forward to seeing your creations.

  • How can I assemble my NSG S0 alone?

    NSG S0 has been especially studied to be assembled on your own. Computer assembly has never been so easy. And to leave no room to uncertainty, a detailed user manual and YouTube videos will be ready to help you.

  • Is NSG S0 compatible with my motherboard?

    NSG S0 will be compatible with all recent motherboards from Intel to AMD chipset. You can have a look at our "compatibility" section to see references we already guarantee. Is your card not in the list? Feel free to contact us and we will check its compatibility for you!

  • Is there any solution to add other PCI?

    Yes We will give you the choice to have standard spacer or extended version. Extended version will alow you to put any PCI card on your board. We will ask you the solution that you want before delivery. Size of the extended NSG S0: 537mm x 495mm x 324mm

  • Is NSG S0 compatible with my graphic card?

    As backers of our Kickstarter campaign, we will guarantee the compatibility of the first graphic card you will mount thanks to a special plate designed by Calyos. Then, NSG S0 will be compatible with particular graphic cards. We will support graphic cards for the most known brands from Nvidia to AMD. You can have a look at our "compatibility" section to see references we already guarantee. Is your card not in the list? Feel free to contact us and we will check its compatibility for you!

  • Is NSG S0 compatible with my future graphic cards?

    As you could see, NSG S0 is already compatible with many GPU. In the future, we plan to release updated fixtures for new GPUs. This design will be licensed as open source. So if you are a maker, you’ll always be up to date. If you just want to buy it, fixtures will be released on the classic market. If you want to sell your solution, feel free to contact us.

  • When will I choose my graphic card option?

    Backers and customers will have to choose before September, 25th. We will ask you frequently by email your reference until the deadline.

  • What about VRM cooling?

    VRM cooling is made easy due to NSG S0 design. Indeed, NSG S0 phase change cooling takes nearly all the heat to the back of the chassis. Motherboard and GPU stays in a fresh air that allow to have really low VRM temperatures. Moreover, VRM are designed works continuously at a maxiumum temperature of 125°C which is really far you can expect. Prototypes have shown that VRM do not go over 70°C in a 25°C ambiant air with Prime 95 on a 6700K processor.

  • Is NSG S0 compatible with my power supply?

    NSG S0 is compatible with all ATX power supply (passive or active).

  • What is the maximum power supply size I can install?

    Maximum dimensions are 86 mm (H) x 150 mm (W) x 230 mm (L).

  • What is the rack dimensions?

    Front rack is 245x140x42mm Side rack is 369x168x35mm

  • Do you offer warrantee or support?

    Every component has a warranty of 2 year included in the price. Each system will be tested for 24h before delivery. If you have any question, please contact fanless@calyos-tm.com.

  • What is phase-change cooling life time?

    For 24h/24H working, we guaranty you that you will not have more than 2°C of temperatures increase within 5 years.

  • Does NSG S0 heat up my room?

    No. There is almost no difference between your standard case and NSG S0. The heat created by the PC depends of the power used by the chip and power used by the cooling. As the cooling is totally passive, NSG S0 will consume less heat than your traditionnal case. Your room will be less heated!

  • What maintenance does NSG S0 require?

    As there is no active part, NSG S0 is maintenance free.

  • Is the side panel tempered glass?

    Yes it is!

  • How do I clean my NSG S0?

    If you want to clean your NSG S0 just use dry air can or dust remover towel.

  • Is this technology safe?

    Yes, this technology uses really small quantities of refrigerant. You can find the same in your fridge. In case you unfortunately brake it, this is non-toxic for the health.

  • What can I do if I break my NSG S0?

    Don’t worry, Calyos will be happy to help you. Please contact fanless@calyos-tm.com

  • I do not like open air chassis!

    NSG S0 has been specially designed for open air application. But we have thought to every users! You can have a look at our "options" sections and see what could be propose in the future.

  • Do you have a dual GPU solution?

    Yes. A dual solution will be proposed as an extra option at the end of the campaign. This solution will required an additional phase change cooling solution that will be fixed at the back of the chassis. Size of the dual GPU NSG S0: 700mm x 495mm x 324mm. You can have a look at our "options" section.

  • Can I be a NSG S0 distributor?

    Yes, of course! Please contact newbusiness@calyos-tm.com